Hey hey hey!

I am Colleen, an aspiring functioning adult with an overactive mind and too many things that I want to do. I started this site with the purpose of sharing the things that I love: lots of cooking and baking, art, DIY stuff, travel and adventures, and over all beautiful and lovely things.

I am self taught in the ways of the kitchen, picking up skills through the years running a coffee/bakery shop where I baked everything everyday. Add in the years of  feeding the giant masses of my family.  I guess you can say that I have picked up a few things about cooking and baking and making hungry people happy. 

I like to experiment with new food combinations and create my own recipes. And I like my food pretty.I went to school for art so I naturally gravitate towards the aesthetically pleasing. I am pretty passionate about not only the source of my food, (my local farm share is year round and a 1/4 mile away) but living as close to waste free as possible. Food waste makes me angry! (seriously)

My lover, (the mister), Nick whom I adore and think is the cats meow, and I have spent the better part of the last 10 years renovating then renting old homes. Together we live with our old 9 year old pup, Washer, screwball cat, Only, and few hives of bees in our 200 square foot loft in Burlington VT.(The bees live outside!) I have to mention that I come from a large family that all live within smacking distance. Eight siblings, four of which have kids, ages 2-13, are a big part of my everyday life. I am the cool aunt that makes all the birthday cakes! Getting the littles to eat good healthy food is one of my things, not to mention they all know if they eat their carrots they will end up with dessert.

And now you know, so enjoy and feel free to comment or ask questions…I can be a little blunt, so you can be too. I am cool with that .

A Few Fun Facts

  • Eating a lot of carrots over a long period of time can make your skin turn orange (personal experience)
  • Billboards are illegal in the state of Vermont
  • Honey bees travel as far as 5 miles away from the hive to collect nectar and pollen
  • Owing a dog can be harder then owning a baby 
  • Joeys (Koala bear babies) eat their moms poop. They do so because it contains all the microbe that the baby needs in order for them to eat the leaves of the euculptus tree leaves without it being toxic to them. 
  • Most of that dust that is under your bed is actually your own dead skin