Pumpkin Puree


Now that halloween is over, its time to eat the pumpkins!

I make pumpkin puree on the reg… and it is so super easy, it makes you look like an ass for buying the can stuff. (I have a few cans on hand)


First thing first is to choose you pumpkin. I am a squash hoarder so I check my stock and make sure there isn't a squash with any mold or soft spots. Then its all about using the ugliest one, or the prettiest, depending on how you look at it.


Stick whole washed pumpkin in oven on 400 degrees .After about 30 minutes, flip that mother upside down and keep on baking. After another 20ish minutes it should be fork tender. If not, keep in oven until it is. When its ready, take out of oven and let sit and cool a bit.

Roasted Squash Seeds

After a rest, pull of the stem, cut in half and scoop out the seeds. Set seeds aside for roasting.


Place pumpkin flesh and skin in a blender or a vessel to emulsify. You can remove the skin if you want… but why? seriously, why? Let it Rip

Pumpkin Puree

And there you have it….Pumpkin Puree.

Now what you may ask am I planning on doing with this …. Oh man. So many things. I'll let the suspense build for a little while. Until then, try not to eat it all standing in front of the fridge in your pjs cause thats not what I do. So good….so good.