Holiday madness

IMG_2865 Thats right folks… We are in in, the holiday season. This time of year is always so exciting, and not going to lie, a little bit stressful. Not that we don't all have good intentions but especially in my family, everyone has their own opinion and their own needs.

How do we prepare and keep things all la de da, magical and bright? Well a plan never hurt. Maybe a list? A list and a plan and maybe a little booze! It will be great!

I love a good list, I am starting mine list today. We only have 13 days, which may seem like a long time, but we all know that we will wake up tomorrow and somehow it will be the day before Thanksgiving and we have nothing prepared. So I list, and I list it all! The food that I can do ahead like pie crust and pumpkin puree. Baking supplies that I am running low on(I am always low on something) and spices that I need. People to call and plans to be made. Did you order a turkey? Is it frozen? Dont forget, the little details. Add a little calendar or a timeline to you list to help you stay on track and keep those really important dates and times obvious.  I like to add a few things to my lists that I know I can do, like wake up, drink coffee, walk dog. 3 things down, now I feel like I have accomplished something,  Sure, it may seem daunting to see all that must be done, but every time you cross one thing off, your brain will be lighter, you step a bit more peppy.

Anyways….. Just giving a little advice, a heads up for the festivities to come. And I will be sharing many more recipes and meal ideas in the coming weeks to help you check a few things off you list.