Leftover Friday!

IMG_4352 Oh boy we made it! Ate our way through another Thanksgiving. I hope yours was a good as mine, lot of family and friends…an abundance of pies, and lot of warm lovely goodness.

So now what?? Is there a butt load of laundry waiting to be washed and the floors are in need of mopping after dropping that pie? Are you eagerly anticipating the departure of your quests, in-laws, or your own departure from your current digs?  Or are you just plan looking forward to getting your house clean and life back to normal? (I hear that).Maybe you are the guest and are dreading the day after food and booze hangover and don't want to be rude, but don't want to get out of bed. Well you are in luck cause I have declared this day, the day after Thanksgiving, Left Over Friday!

I always feel the great build up to any major holiday, get to the day, have a wonderful time, then feel the crash. My house is messy. I have used all of my clean dish towels and every dish and pan is in the wrong place in the kitchen. .I really need a rug for the front door to collect snow.(my floor is nasty) and the refrigerator looks like a food bob went off inside.  There is so much to do and I need a break. For those who spend the week(s) before thanksgiving gearing up, planning, and stressing out about producing this one great feast for this one day of the year, I am suggesting to you and myself that we take this day to let it all out. A day of decompression. Go head, let everyone eat leftover pie for breakfasts. Why not stay in  your pjs all day reading and drinking coffee.  Maybe like me, you feel like cleaning. Go for it, but why not slap on some sweet tunes and a hit that stack of dishes dancing with no expectations. If you don't get to all those pots, well there is always tomorrow. Say you are a guest, then maybe you try not to be demanding of your host(s) but suggest a hike or even a movie. And if you want to go shopping, well that one is on you. If it makes happy to shop with a bunch of crazy people, then go to town. Whatever you do today, just remember to take it easy.Do what makes you feel good.. It's ok to take a break, to let things be, to enjoy your friends and loved ones, but let them take care of themselves and you take care of you.

Now Saturday..well there is no excuse. We both know that leaving those pots any longer and they might not ever be right again. You might not want you littles eating pie for breakfast lunch and dinner for the third straight day. Maybe you should do the laundry so you're not using your bath towels to dry the dishes. And anyway, its time to start planing for the next major holiday craziness. Hey, I know I am already excited! Today I might even dig out some Christmas decor…but with no pressure, just cause I want to!

Take care of yourself and enjoy today.. Left Over Friday!!!!!!

Just a few ideas for the Thanksgiving leftovers…….

  • Mashed potato pancakes..Add an egg and a 1/4 cup of flour for every cup of mashed potato. Season with salt and pepper
  • Cranberry sauce and rolls….Spread the cranberry sauce on a toasted roll
  • Squash Soup….Throw into a big pot with a little veggie stock or water, even a bit of curried powder would be nice
  • Roasted Veggie Salad….Toss veggies together with a touch of vinegar and add to a bed of green.
  • Smashed stuffing cheese sandwich.…2 cups of stuffing and 1 egg. Mix and separate into 2 balls. Smoosh them down and cook each side in a frying pan. When both sides are cooked through, place a bit of you choice or cheese on one smash and top with the other. Let melt.
  • Turkey wrap…add a scoop of hummus and stick into a wrap with some greens
  • Pie yogurt…..Mix a slice into a cup of plain yogurt
  • Sweet potatoes… Save them. I'll give you an amazing recipe tomorrow for a Sweet potato Coconut custard. It will blow you mind!