Paper Wreaths

IMG_3884This one is good.  How can a pile of scrap paper make me so happy? Tuning it into a lovely round wreath of pretty is how. I love me a good wreath. I usually make one every year out of the scraps from our Christmas tree. We don't have out tree yet and I needed  a little something to holiday up the room..Enter the coolest easiest paper wreath! Bonus, this is a very kid friendly project, a 2-year-old even made one.(Dont let that stop you as an adult from making one) And not just for Christmas.. Wreaths can be for any holiday or even a normal day. Pretty doesn't discriminate. I'll keep it short and sweet.


  • Card board
  • 2 different colors of contraction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue(Glue sticks are the best)

IMG_4603Get you stuff together.. I did most of the cutting for myself and the littlest little. Not that I didn't trust the 2 year old with the scissors. We only had three pairs of scissors to work with.

IMG_4616Step 1

Cut circles out of cardboard.Trace a big bowl or something round and smaller circle for the middle. Do any size you want and don't worry about it being perfect.. It doesn't matter,

IMG_4624Step 2

Cut colored paper into pieces.. 1-2 inches and these also don't have to be perfect. I recommend using at least 2 different colors. We voted on green, I wanted to do pink and purple. ITs ok, I was a good sport. I am just going to make more later, with lots of fun colors and maybe even some glitter!!!! Oh do I love the holidays!


Step 3

Starting from the outer circle, start gluing paper. Yup, you guessed it, doesn't have to be perfect. Look at the little go!

IMG_4655Continue to overlap paper in rings until you get to the inner circle. Once you get to the inner circle, either cut extra or fold over left over paper .

IMG_4657Step four

Embellish if you want. I like it simple, a nice contrasting color, festive and lalalala. This is also a good time to add a hanging device on the back. You can loop a piece of paper or use a piece of string.


Guess which one I did and the 2 year old did…I bet you would be surprised. IMG_4756 Aren't these amazing! The most perfect paper wreaths. I had a blast doing this, I bet you will too.