Bits of Happy

What the …….! . Is it really Christmas this week? I don't know where the time went. and I am feeling a bit of the holiday pressure. Every year I tell myself that I won't give in…I have nothing to stress about. Guess what, I am just at tiny bit stressed..But thats cool. I might feel the pressure, I might feel a little agitated or like someone close to me is going to end up getting punched( sorry if its you). but I aways try to stop and take in the little stuff, take in the happy.. This is why I started my bits of happy post every week. It's a way to wrap up the week and a way to remember how awesome my life is and the little things that make me happy. Wow.. maybe my next career move will be a motivational speaker. That or a window washer…. You get to look through windows without seeming like a creeper. And you know when you breathe on a window and use your finger to draw something, then it goes away but you can see it when later when there is more condensation?  I would draw pictures and leave weird words on people's windows……that would be amazing…..Anyways…….

IMG_5580Sylus…the house dinosaur. He has been chillin under the christmas tree as of late.  I think he is drinking the water cause it always seems empty..

IMG_6006Catching the ice crystals before the sun melts them away.

IMG_6011Early morning hike with my favorite people in the world…. and the trash dog. Yes, he has found some stink on the trail and is rolling around in it. Thats' my pup.

IMG_6025I finally finished this sweater! It came out so good! I made it to big so it actually is a sweater dress for now(which is amazing) and she will grow into it to wear as a sweater. I am pretty proud of myself for this one!

IMG_5969A pizza, cookie, and christmas movie party!!!!! We watched the Polar Express and trashed my tiny house. Good times!

IMG_5605A surprise purple potato.

IMG_5764This Yule log.…I sent a pic to my Dad and he asked if it was a real piece of wood. That's  a success right? Or does it mean that my Dad needs to get his eyes checked? '

IMG_5979We got to keep this one for a couple days this week. Do I need to explain why this make me happy?

IMG_5998I mean…. for real…..she is too much. Sometime I think I don't want to have my own kids cause I am afraid I might not love them as much as this little.

IMG_6026I like to eat large quantities of green stuff……This stainer is full of lovely greens from my farm share. All for me! With shredded carrots, shredded roasted beets and a big scoop of lentils……Meal of my heart.


P.S.. remember not to stress too much and try to find the happy and pretty in everyday. And don't just eat a bunch of crap…eat some freaking veggies too! (See, I am motivational)