Bits of Happy

The past week has been pack full of everything.. Birthdays (3 nephews within the week), Christmas, family family family…..Its a lot, but its been great. Not going to lie, I am ready for a little quite time, maybe a nice long day of locked doors and dead phones….we will see. But anyway, here are a few little bits of happy that I managed to snap photos of(I have been slack on picture taking this week)IMG_6331This is an amazing book, full of pictures and information about 123 different varieties of apples….I am so excited to read it! My love got it for me for Christmas….So nice, so sweet. IMG_4369Its been a weird weather week..warm and gray.. This touch of blue really stood out.IMG_6022I found my favorite rag wool socks (Hooray!!!!).. and wore them all week.(don't judge)

IMG_6254Ice Skating!!! One of my nephews was born on Christmas so we always do a skating  party at the ice rink on Christmas eve……….another of  my favorite family traditions…Always a super blast. Here my sister and nick were giving this little her first ever skating lessons. All I can say is good thing she was wearing a helmet.

IMG_6332 Another gift from the mister…a weck juice jar……If you know me or are getting to know me, you will know that I am jar obsessed and weck jars are some of my favorite. I eat, drink, store everything in jars. This beauty is destined for tea and or coffee.

IMG_6028I am not saying this because he is my lover, but Nick is an amazing artist. He has really gotten into using spray paint and has been doing some really awesome large scale images(nothing illegal…….yet!!) He did this whale a few days ago.. I am always blown away at he talent.

IMG_5315Popcorn drizzled in melted peanut butter….. WHOA!!!!! I also like to add garlic salt and chunks of fresh apple. It is the best most fantastic movie snack ever………Maybe I'll share with you sometime.IMG_6321An early morning walk with the pup to the waterfront…We watched the sun come up...I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.. eating some good food, relaxing, spending time with loved ones. So soon it will be 2015(Holly f***!!) Lets get ready!!!!!

Have a Happy Week!!!!