happy bits

IMG_7550-1 Weird week. I feel like I have been so busy, but can't quite figure out with what. I guess winter can do that to you, you know, when leaving the house kind of feels like a chore. Yup, it's mid February when its cold, windy, snowy, and kind of mah. But it's cool cause I feel like it's all down hill from now. Soon we will be looking at an extra hour of daylight and hopefully some above freezing temps! (I think we have had a record amount of days below freezing here in VT) No, I am not complaining, just looking forward to getting out of hibernation.

Anyway, here is some internet stuff I have found fun and interesting this week

And some life stuff from the week...IMG_3056-1It was farm share week and yes, that's a kohlrabi bulb. And no, I have never in my life seen a kohlrabi as big as this one. It is for real bigger then my head.  If I didn't know my farm was organic, I would think that they were growing these in toxic sludge. Wondering what I am going to do with it? Come back this week and see.

IMG_7687Oh my love… A few days ago I had my super comfy warm rag wool mittens stolen from me at the gym. I know, I was so pissed, but hopefully whom ever stole them is getting good use out of them. Anyway, to my Valentines Day surprise, the mister got me a new pair and sewed a heart into the palm of one. So freaking cute right!

IMG_0416 2 I like to take a look back at old pictures when I am feeling the crazy.. This one makes me think of summer and our honey bees. (That's the mister digging into the top bar hive)

IMG_0952_2 The blue sky! And oh man am I craving some traveling. I think this was taken somewhere is Colorado. I want to go back.

Well that's about it. Hopefully where ever you are, you are warm and staying out of crazy. Just wait, a few more weeks we will have more daylight and I bet even some above freezing temperatures because it has to happen, right?

Have a great week!