Bits of Happy

IMG_2626 This week was the week. I am calling it (I know I shouldn't, but I am) SPRING!!!!! I am so excited. Spring is my favorite season, full of warm sunny days, cold nights, lots of mud, lots of freshness, lots of new. Everything feels possible, not to mention all the spring cleaning! (I like to clean) And today we lost an hour of sleep but we gained an hour of sunshine.  It"s all downhill from here.

A small list of happy spring stuff for the week

  • Start seeds
  • Open a window
  • Clean up the trash outside my house that was hidden by the snow
  • Pack away boots
  • Wash salt off of car
  • Eat dinner at 6 instead of 5

A bit of internet stuff from the week.

 - I am a camper and need a new sleeping bags. I really want one of  these bags SO BAD. Anyone is more than welcome to buy me one!

- Good stuff to  know if.  Snow Is Delicious. But Is It Dangerous To Eat?


- Another one of those things I want but will never get. The Aether Cone.

-For India's Widows, A Riot Of Color, An Act Of Liberation.. The pictures are beautiful, as is the story behind them.

-Ben and Jerry's would consider making pot-flavored ice cream. Well yeah. 

This weeks pictures are all old, but they make me happy.

IMG_1361 2One year ago.. Making snow people with some littles.

IMG_0121Holy cuties! They were so small and innocent. Now they are just little monsters (in the best way)IMG_0368 2The mister and the bees. IMG_2834

I am trying to find some cheap tickets fly out to the coast. Miss the big trees (that's our old car, which I also miss)

IMG_3308No flowers this week, but for sure lots and lots of colorful veggies

That's what I got, now get outside and enjoy the day!