Sunday Bits

IMG_1287Not much to say about the past week. We did some work, had a little fun, caught up with a few things and dragged behind on some other. I kind f feel like I am holding my breath until it is finally for real spring out and then maybe I can really feel like  a real functioning human being. One more week of cold.. that's about all I can handle before I completely lose it.  One more week!

Here is some stuff to share from the online world…...

-I always did get confused by thisWhat's the Difference Between Scallions, Green Onions, and Spring Onions?

-I am a seltzer water addict. This is  An interesting look at the last seltzer bottler in New York City I am getting some text time I am in the city!


-I love a good  RV.. This one is good. BEFORE & AFTER: AN RV TO CALL HOME

-Watch Your Back, Kale. Kelp Is Gunning For The Veggie Du Jour Title

And a few from the real world…..

IMG_7959The Mister and I went to an art exhibit on Street art….Really cool stuff, but we both agreed that the artists in the show have much more of an impact when you see it outside. Still a great show.IMG_7953I have been looking at this heart all winter.IMG_2781Old man. He is in need of spring too…. and a bath.

IMG_6830We ordered another nucleus of bees this weekend… A few more weeks and these ladies will be buzz'n away. I can't wait!!!

IMG_1819Camp food is the greatest! I can't wait for CAMPING!

So hopefully everyone is hanging in there. Spring is coming and the world will be busting at the seams with lots of wonderful things. Until then, it's totally cool to hunker in and get another tv show binge under the belt before we are spending all of our time frolicking in the great outdoors. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Spring!