Sunday Happy

IMG_3340We had ourselves a very full past week. Dinners with the misters family, dinners with mine. Lots of running around for last minutes projects, papers and bills. Mailed in the taxes in (barf) and washed the Washer dog (now he smells like a wet dog with a faint lavender scent… not much better) Then it happened, the most amazing spring day. I spent half the day on Friday trying to remember what it's like to function in warm weather. I was getting hot and forgot that I could take of my sweater. But it was back to the sweater, hat, and mittens the next day which made me kind of cranky. It actually worked out ok because I didn't feel bad about hanging inside listening to music , drawing and painting.  Oh, and can't forget to mention the cleaning… lots and lots of cleaning.. and there is still more to be done. All in all, not a bad week.

Some internet bits from the week

-I love this house and all the funky touches. Roger & Chris' Bold, Eclectic & Vivacious 160-Year-Old Victorian

-A LIGHT THAT COULD EASE SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDERNot sure if it would really work, but it is a really cool light.

-Where do Babies Come From? A volcano sounds right to me. 

-I love everything about this. Michelle Obama's 'Evolution Of Mom Dancing' Is Back With Part 2

-Brilliant! Kids should know how to clean up after themselves. Without Janitors, Students Are In Charge Of Keeping School Shipshape

-I am waiting for this book to come in at the library. FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia from Tickling Shrimp to Not Dying in a Restaurant.

And a few real life pictures.

IMG_3182The collection of snow shovels has finally moved to the barn!!!

IMG_2227Sure you can dye eggs, or like me, just melt a bunch of crayon.

IMG_3342I have never seen it before, but all these leaves were melting into the ice. Very weird and very beautiful.IMG_3437Speaking of weird and beautiful… IMG_8036And yes.. I pulled out my sandals for the one day of spring we had this week. It was glorious and amazing. I had forgotten what warm weather felt like. 

Hope all you people had a great and lovely week as well.

Happy Day.. Happy Easter.. Happy Happy