Sunday Happy

IMG_8155And I am home. The mister and I woke up at 2:15 am Friday morning to drive to Easton PA and spend the weekend with family, going to the Crayola crayon factory, wondering a  grave yard, and hearing some fantastic stories about my family from the mouth of my 95 year old grandmother. (I'll show some pictures and tell you some stuff later this week) Than we drove back late last night… I don't know how I am even awake right now...I am sooooo much tired! But that's how I work I  guess.  The coffee is almost ready, calling my name, telling me its totally cool to drink it all.

I'll leave you with a few little internet things I liked this week..

- I just love looking at other peoples homes. Treehouse in the city 

- These puppies make me think of my little nephew., he is in love with bulldogs. 20+ Beautiful Bulldog Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

-Holy Shit  YES!!!! Full House’ Reunion on Netflix Is Officially Happening

-How cool would to find one of these? New Urban Geodes on the Streets of L.A. by Paige Smith

-I don't know if I would want to stick stuff on these shelves.These Wall Shelves are Dollhouses for Adults

- And if you need a push...On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow: A Guide To Speedy Vegetables

A few pictures from earlier in the week..

IMG_8134 My forsythia bush in from of one of my houses… Always the first one to bloom. IMG_8140-1 This is how washer sleeps in the warmer months.. All feet in the air. IMG_4138 I ate it all and it was good.IMG_8156 Two pretty ladiesIMG_8127Veggies Plants!!!! 

So yeah, I am tired and happy and in need of a day to processing, lounge and drink tons of coffee.

Hope your weekend was fantastic and today brings all the whatever you want and more.