Sunday Happy

IMG_0296It's been a long, packed, but very fantastic week. Everyday has been full of work, chores, family, and trying to get in a least one good bike ride or walk in.  I made a list of a few important points to mention from the past week.

  • Spring is real, not an imagined season in my head. (HOORAY!!!!). 
  • Banana ice cream is everyones favorite snack
  • Planting things from seed and watching them grow is magic
  • Riding a bike with kinda flat tires really sucks
  • The little people in my family are the best most fantastic humans
  • Don't tell a 2 year that ants will bite her or you will end up caring that child around everywhere because she is afraid to walk outside (Anyone know  good therapist for a 2 year old?)

Anyways, I am hoping to take it easy today, catch up on my coffee consumption, do a bit of gardening, reading, bike riding, all without pressure or expectations. Everyone should have a day for no expectations.

Some fun internet stuff from the week.

-I need an RV or camper. THE BRAVE // vintage rv renovation inspiration

-Who cares if not everyone is pleased, I would be if my lunch bags looked like this. These Parents Make Lovely Lunch Bag Art. Not Everyone Is Pleased

-So lovely. Urban Jewelry: New Lace Street Art by NeSpoon

-Alternative energy Woo Hoo!  Tesla's Powerwall Home Battery Wants to Make Fossil Fuels Obsolete

-I am really excited to make this… I have a feeling that I will be incorporating it into many of my recipes. ChefSteps' Genius Roasted Onion Cream

-Another house that I could get down with. 

And a few pictures….

IMG_0194The mister and the worlds biggest crayon, which is made of scraps of blue crayons from all over the world. I could totally use a big ass crayon like this.IMG_0336The coolest most badass 95 year old lady that I know (I know a few), Grammy Stem. And the little, getting a lift. (I could have used a lift too!)IMG_0339Brothers. The guy in the green is my Dad.IMG_8209Aftre dinner ice cream break.IMG_0344The sky has been on point all week longIMG_0152And made myself some veggie chips. The colors alone are delicious.

Have a great day!