Sunday Happy Bits

IMG_0982This has been the week of broken things. My immersion blender broke. 2 of the 4 new bowls I bought were smashed. The hand mixer broke while I was making frosting (F**CK). The steam mop is finally completely broken and the mister smashed the screen on his phone. All in a weeks time. Oh, and not broken, but the front end of my car got stuck in a muddy sink hole. It took five badass farmers to help me push it out. It was crazy, but thankfully the car and I survived. But's it cool. I can replace all that crap and my arms are getting a great workout now that I have to hand mix everything and hand wassh the floor on my hands and knees. ( I do it like a beast!) Because what I really am having a hard time with is that it is nearly April and still have most of my winter clothes out. I just want to but the boots away and get my chaco sandals out. It's getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Things I tell myself to keep from losing my shit

  • 20 degrees.. That't tropical compared to the -30 we were having
  • I will be bitching about how hot it is in just a few short months so try to enjoy the cold now.
  • Hopefully most of the mosquito population all dies this winter  and only enough  survive to be eaten by things that eat them
  • Because it still so cold, its ok to spend an entire day at home in my pjs baking cookies and bread and  binge watching Kimmy Schmidt. 

See.. there is a bright side.

Here is some cool internet stuff form the week

-Love this house and will some someday have plants in every nook and crank of my homePEEK INSIDE WORLD’S END FARM + SAIPUA PLANT SALE

-I am ready to move into a tree, if only for a little while. This one would work for me

-I looked before I read. and didn't realize what I was seeing. Behold! The Cosmos Created From The Contents Of A Kitchen

-The Most Effective Alarm Clock Ever Brews Your Morning Joe If only it came in jumbo size.

-I love/ hate this story. I get so excited for the produce that is marked down because its not perfect. If people realize how silly it is to look for "perfection in food"  then I won't get awesome stuff for cheap. Think Nobody Wants To Buy Ugly Fruits And Veggies? Think Again

And here are a few life pictures 

IMG_3191WHAT WHAT!!! The first sign of green that I have seen in the neighborhood. 

IMG_2778This little came over and hung out with me. I gave him a muffin and a bowl of "Carrot Chips" (really thinly sliced carrots) He at a few bites of the muffin but ate  all the carrots and wanted more…… I love him!

IMG_3186Oh the old man trash dog. His butt hair is finally starting to grow back after he chewed himself a big hot spot. IMG_3193I love this pattern for a driveway. 

IMG_2668March 29, 2011. Yeah sure we were in California, but still, we were camping outside.

COME ON SPRING!!!!IMG_3098And who doesn't love a pineapple, or 4? 

Have a fantastic Day!

We are looking at a high in the 30's here in VT.. WA HOO!


Happy Bits

IMG_7774 Oh do I love a good Sunday. The picture above was taken last Sunday and what a glorious day that was. The mister and I took the pup hiking and it was the most spectacular of days. Sunny, 30 degrees and no wind..I could't have asked for better weather.  

The rest of the week turned out alright. The weather went back to hell again and I was a little frantic and super busy, but all in all, good. I accomplished some things  that needed to be done and got to spend time with just about everyone in my family. The highlight was when my sister slept over and we finally watched the Fault in our Stars while eating lots of food, cuddled together on the couch. (movie was good, but book was better. Books are always better) We then woke up early the next day and we (the mister too)  journeyed across state lines to the closest Target where we purchased some hand soap,  2 seltzer waters and 2 jars of baby food. (I needed the jars) On our way out, the lady experienced her first ever taco from the taco bell in the food court before heading back to Vt. We spent the car ride singing terrible pop songs and eating the babyhood (Blueberries and sweet potato, and yes, they are tasty) We then came back tom my house, listened to more awesome music while she did her homework and I played on the computer and made dinner.  It was the best. 

Heres a few of this weeks happy bits from the internet. 

- I will be making these wire baskets this week. I need storage and I love a good wire basket.

-I have been ending  up on this website every night..Making plans

-I need this shirt!!! Feel free to buy it for me!

-Throw Back Song!… And yes, I was sure I was going to be Mrs. Zac Hanson when I was 11. 

-My sister sent me this link, Wool and the Gang. So cool.

-These pictures made me laugh. I end up with veggies like this all the time.

And here are a few pictures of my real life happy…..

IMG_1389Playing on the frozen lake. It was so freaking cold and windy, but we just had to do it!


Beach stairs. Hopefully soon they will be a little less icy and maybe even lead to some sand and not waist high drifts of snow.

IMG_1488 Two of my favorite people in the world.

IMG_7785And I made brunch with 2 more of my favorites.

IMG_7814My little brothers (can I say little if they are bigger then me?) came over and we all had dinner together while listening to music from when they were born. Nothing like a few 17 year olds to make a person feel old.

IMG_1100Blooming daffodils. I love to watch my flowers open up, it's just as good as the flower itself. 

Have the best first week of March ever!!!


Happy bits

IMG_7589I don't think I need to tell anyone about how weird the past few weeks of weather have been, so I will just leave it alone because we don't need to keep thinking about how stupid cold it is outside or that the next week is only suppose to get worse. Booooo, but oh well. More time for cooking, reading, and trolling the internet (I have spent a little more time then usual getting sucked into the world-wide web.) Beacause I have been spending a little more time interneting, I have added an addition to  my usual happy bits,  a few links that I have stumbled upon that I think are cool and of things that I want or want to make… Cool internet stuff…..a bit of internet happy. 

  • So I recently discovered that I can waste a good amount of time on pintrest, especially looking at interiors and architecture and clothes (which I found really weird, but with one pin, an open can of worms…Dangerous stuff). I have a long way to go before I have nearly as many pins as other folk, but I am getting a good a start. Check out my boards...
  • I smiled so much when I read   this article.    So sweet and are some of the coolest tattoos  ever.
  • The original nomad. I am not a hot tub person (it makes me feel like I am being cooked..) But I might be able to get into one of these when doing some camping.
  • I practically started salivating when I saw this falafel.  I am so going to make it for a special mister and me dinner!
  • I don't have any big kitchen utensils… like a kitchen aid or a panini grill, and for now, I am ok with that, but I really want this waffle iron. I could so use the crap out of it.

So that's some internet stuff and here are a few life moments…..

IMG_7604I got to hang out with my little sister for the first time in like a month… She is just so busy being busy. I guess high school,play practices and boys and friends can fill up ones time at 15… but I miss her so much! I was very excited that she was able to hang out with me this week.  What did we do? Well we spent most of out time together taking pictures of her in my glasses, making food and then taking pictures of her eating food.  (She is eating whipped carob moose… like one should eat it) A fantastic day of silliness. 

IMG_7599I have been feeling like I might be fighting off an illness so I have been eating this Turmeric Ginger Garlic Carrot soup which I have been adding cabbage and topping with these pickled heart beet, all week long. So tasty and full of so much good.

IMG_7642 Oh yeah. Me, the mister, my sister, and her lovely little little went to Ikea this week. (the littles first international trip!!! Over the border and into Montreal) And of course at the end of any good shopping trip there is some type of food…. She  was so excited for the hot dog and frozen yogurt cone at check out. Champion food eater this one is.

IMG_1376 2And what's not to love about pretty flowers (primrose)…..Sadly this is not a current picture. I need to get me some color today. 

Which leaves me with my goals for the day..

  • Get 2 new library books (and return the huge stack by the door)
  • Make something tasty good for dinner and prep food for the week
  • clean bathroom and change sheets
  • buy flowers
  • Take a nap

Hope you all have a great day and the most splendid week!

Stay warm!