Mustard and Carrots

IMG_7346 Mustard and carrots.  It's that simple.

Yup, I eat this at least once a day. It's that good (and easy).  Now I must admit that I don't usually have such pretty carrots (The mister gave me this rainbow of carrots for my birthday) and I usually don't chop the carrots oh so nicely or have a little vessel of mustard, but I figured for the sake of a picture, you would rather see this then a picture of me standing with the fridge open, chomping on a huge unpeeled carrot, squirting mustard directly in my mouth. (that's how I usually eat most of my snacks)

Today I kept it simple with plain yellow mustard,  but I sometimes spice it up with horseradish or jalapeno mustard. Or once in a while I'll do mustard and sprinkle on (or in my mouth) some nutritional yeast, garlic powder or even red pepper flakes for a little kick. The possibilities of mustard on carrots it endless.

You might be saying to yourself that this is crazy, but really, is it any weirder then some of the things that you eat that others find kind of strange? So maybe just try it.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Happy Monday!