A Little about Washer and Make your own Dog Leash

IMG_6485 Look at that old man face…. how can anyone stay mad at him? (there was a recent incident involving bananas, you can read about it in the last post.)

Before we get started on the leash, I'll give you a little background about Washer the trash dog. A little over 9 years ago,  Nick brought home this 8 week old little ball of fur for us as a Christmas present. Oh man, he was so so so freaking cute, but that didn't stop me from crying… Why you ask? Because I didn't want a golden retriever, we never talked about getting a golden, we talked about getting a husky or a german shepherd. And so I cried.(I was so pissed) But it didn't last long. A few hours after he was home, I fell in love and we have been a little family ever since. Mind you that the first two years of his life, he was a terrible beast of a dog. Nick and I were really young and neither of us had ever had a puppy before so we kind of let him do whatever he wanted…..not a great idea. He was a shit.  He would eat everything  and anything. Seriously anything; book shelves, linoleum floors, windowsills.. You name it, he ate it. He also started to act a little jerky, growling at little people and getting aggressive around food which ended with us having to hand feed him for about 8 months. But eventually he grew out of his eating parts of the house, now he just eats anything food or trash .He doesn't mind little people so much anymore just as long as they don't try to play with him, and he now sits in front of his food bowl leaving great big puddles of drool until he is told he is allowed to eat. Oh how he has grown

One question that people always ask us is,"Where did that name Washer come from?" Truth is, it was kind of joke. We had had him for a few days and  hadn't named him by the time we went to my Dads house on Christmas. Sitting around with my family, we came up with all sorts of stupid and inappropriate names. At one point appliances were named off and I guess the name Washer just kind of stuck out. We had planned on changing it right away, but as you can see, we still haven't gotten around to that.

Anyway,  Washer has had the same leash for about 7 years. (His first 2 years he ate a few) That's   a long time for a leash, especially if you think of all the times that it has been dragged through the mud, pulled into the lake, or my favorite, peed on. Yup, his current  leash is ripe and it's about time we  made the old man a new one.(Ok, its more for us, but he seriously has been peeing on it a lot lately and I am not a fan of handling a pee soaked leash)

1 custom sized leash. Super simple and cheapy cheap.

What you will need is….


  • 6-7 feet of 3/8 rope(or however long you want it)
  • two 3/8 inch rope clamps(1 package comes with 2)
  • carabiner
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • lighter
  • measuring tape if you want exact measurements(it's not necessary)

Note: You can get the rope, clamps and the carabiner at any hardware store, but I think the big ones like Home Depot or Lowes sell rope by the foot so you don't have to buy a 50 ft piece…unless you want it. 

 IMG_6463 IMG_6467

First thing.Trim the ends of the rope nice and clean. Take the lighter and melt the nylon around the end of the rope so it will stop it from fraying…BE CAREFUL….And do it over the sink or somewhere with water…It's not hard to do, I just don't want anyone to burn themselves or the burn their house down.(not that I think you are going to)

IMG_6426 IMG_6439 IMG_6442

Once the nylon is melted and no longer hot…Make a small loop and place rope into rope clamp. Make sure to leave the loop big enough for the carabiner to fit. Now hammer the clamp around the rope, I mean, really smack that thing  We used a scrap piece of wood to hammer on… and I suggest you do the same.

IMG_6443For the handle, make a large loop, whatever size that works for you, and do the same hammer clamp situation on the ends here.IMG_6456

Pretty freaking simple….Thats it, you are done and now you have an awesome customized and pee free leash.

IMG_6478New and old. Hopefully he won't pee on this one for a while.

Have a great weekend and l would love to hear from anyone that makes themselves a sweet ass new leash!

Have a great weekend!