Bits of Happy

First week of the New Year.. and I am ready to take this year and ride it like a bull.(I don't know  exactly what that mean, but it sounds right) I am not a new years resolution kind of gal, but I am a goal oriented person and this week I have been thinking a lot about my goals and wishes for life…. and I am on my way..Nothing is going to stop me!(unless I end up getting arrested, but that is not a goal) Anyway, as always, the mister and I spent a good chunk of time with the family. Everyone's kids have had the past two weeks off and I think all of my sisters are about to kill a small child(possibly one of their own), so we tried to help out as much as we could.I mean, I am even happy that the kids all go back to school tomorrow. But it was a good week, we went to a bouncy castle birthday party (I didn't get to sad)  and made balloon animals(well sort of. Nick knows how to do a few, I know how to make a snake and inappropriate jokes.) I got to bake a lot and test out a few new food recipes(tasty things to come!) Its been pretty freaking cold so we spent more time then usual indoors which meant I got to read a lot.  We even cleaned out the basement and made it more human friendly..and didn't kill each other doing it! All in all, not a bad start to the new year.  Here are some happy highlights.

IMG_6355New Years Eve hike. Anything outside makes me happy.This giant tree fell over on the trail and it looked so pretty. And yes, Washer looks handsome  too. 

IMG_6495 IMG_6568 IMG_6551       My Grammy Stems Poppy seed roll recipe…My Dad makes them every year and this is the first time I ever made them. I split the recipe in half( the recipe make 6 huge rolls) and turned one of the rolls into little rolls. Those little rolls might be one of the prettiest things I have ever made. I am going to be making them again soon. 

IMG_6640We had to take out Christmas tree down…which is kind of sad, but I stopped watering it and Nick stopped watering it….and it turned into fire tinder.  Nick took the popcorn garland from the tree and lined the fence…. that made up for not having the tree anymore. IMG_6729Best Christmas present ever…The Mister paid off my outrageous library fine so I can start taking books out again.!(what a guy) I am reading both of these at the moment… and both are excellent!  I kinda don't want to do anything but read. 

IMG_6716This situation going on here…sometimes the most simplest of ingredients make the best dishes… IMG_5434This blue arrow, a marker in the woods. I love arrows

IMG_6337A visit to a green house. I am a house plant slut…I have a ton and always want more.  But ever since we moved into our little cave(it has almost zero natural light) my plants have been sad and I am trying my hardest to keep them happy.  I was on the hunt for some plant food to keep my green babies alive and I found myself happily wondering this greenhouses. I think everyone should have a green house full of plants, it's impossible to not feel good in a light warm room of color. 

IMG_6746 Freshy snow walk. Our feet were the first to lay tracks around the neighborhood. Our feet are awesome.

IMG_6726I love my little kitchen wall, but I would love a little more space/storage/light. I am dreaming up a few kitchen projects for the mister and I to tackle, maybe more shelves, some hooks..Maybe a big old hole in the wall? I spend a lot of time fantasizing about little ways to make the kitchen a little more awesome(it's pretty awesome now) But I mean, a window would make everyone happy. Just an idea…We will see.

So yeah,  the little bits.

Hope You all had a great week and are staying warm and cozy!