Pimped Out Rice Cakes

IMG_7127 I need a good snack.. Something healthy, hardy, fast, and of course, something tasty.

Rice cakes……..basically a flat somewhat crispy disk of puffed rice. Kind of boring, kind of dull, kind of blah. But Add a little somethin somethin….say like this here rice cake that I smeared with peanut stock, topped with banana, sprinkled with coconut flakes and cinnamon and a few raisins…well thats just freaking fantastic!

And because they are pretty much nothing but air.. there is no need to feel guilty about eating a few. Have a rice cake snack party… spreads of nut butters, bean dips, smashed fruit, avocado, mashed sweet potato, heck…just some mustard or hot sauce would be nice. The list of topping goes on and on. And shelf stable for a long time to boot. I mean, you can keep a bag hanging around for quite a bit of time, just as long as you keep them air tight.

What I am trying to say is…rice cakes are awesome little vessels for all things nice.

HaPPY Snacking!