Paper Hearts


This weekend I made a stand of paper hearts that live all around the house. An early Valentines for my mister. We don't do fancy dinners,  store bought cards or gifts….. Handmade and pretty is what we do.

These hearts hang from the ceiling and toss pretty heart shadows on the walls…..and make both of us smile. 


  The making of stringed paper hearts is so very simple. What you need is..

  • One or more different colors of card stock paper
  • scissors
  • A sewing machine with thread..(can be hand sewn for sure)

To start, cut out a bunch of hearts, as many as you want. You can free form cut them (that's what I did) or you can either make a template and rouse  a cookie cutter or something and trace, if you want perfect uniform hearts. 

Decide on a color pattern (I did red, pink, white, brown, repeat) or random is nice too.

Start sewing the hearts. (I used a scrap to get started..and use the scrap piece for tacking to the ceiling). You can either sew hearts close together or leave an inch or two in between each. One trick I have learned when sewing strands of paper is to give a little tension to the strand as you are sewing…it helps keep the machine from jamming up.

You are done when all the hearts are sewn… And hang them up or, if you want to save them for a surprise for Valentines day, wrap strand around a piece of cardboard.  Leave up for a day, for a week, or like us, all year long.


Hearts everywhere…so simple, so pretty, so much love!