Sunday Happy Bits

IMG_0982This has been the week of broken things. My immersion blender broke. 2 of the 4 new bowls I bought were smashed. The hand mixer broke while I was making frosting (F**CK). The steam mop is finally completely broken and the mister smashed the screen on his phone. All in a weeks time. Oh, and not broken, but the front end of my car got stuck in a muddy sink hole. It took five badass farmers to help me push it out. It was crazy, but thankfully the car and I survived. But's it cool. I can replace all that crap and my arms are getting a great workout now that I have to hand mix everything and hand wassh the floor on my hands and knees. ( I do it like a beast!) Because what I really am having a hard time with is that it is nearly April and still have most of my winter clothes out. I just want to but the boots away and get my chaco sandals out. It's getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Things I tell myself to keep from losing my shit

  • 20 degrees.. That't tropical compared to the -30 we were having
  • I will be bitching about how hot it is in just a few short months so try to enjoy the cold now.
  • Hopefully most of the mosquito population all dies this winter  and only enough  survive to be eaten by things that eat them
  • Because it still so cold, its ok to spend an entire day at home in my pjs baking cookies and bread and  binge watching Kimmy Schmidt. 

See.. there is a bright side.

Here is some cool internet stuff form the week

-Love this house and will some someday have plants in every nook and crank of my homePEEK INSIDE WORLD’S END FARM + SAIPUA PLANT SALE

-I am ready to move into a tree, if only for a little while. This one would work for me

-I looked before I read. and didn't realize what I was seeing. Behold! The Cosmos Created From The Contents Of A Kitchen

-The Most Effective Alarm Clock Ever Brews Your Morning Joe If only it came in jumbo size.

-I love/ hate this story. I get so excited for the produce that is marked down because its not perfect. If people realize how silly it is to look for "perfection in food"  then I won't get awesome stuff for cheap. Think Nobody Wants To Buy Ugly Fruits And Veggies? Think Again

And here are a few life pictures 

IMG_3191WHAT WHAT!!! The first sign of green that I have seen in the neighborhood. 

IMG_2778This little came over and hung out with me. I gave him a muffin and a bowl of "Carrot Chips" (really thinly sliced carrots) He at a few bites of the muffin but ate  all the carrots and wanted more…… I love him!

IMG_3186Oh the old man trash dog. His butt hair is finally starting to grow back after he chewed himself a big hot spot. IMG_3193I love this pattern for a driveway. 

IMG_2668March 29, 2011. Yeah sure we were in California, but still, we were camping outside.

COME ON SPRING!!!!IMG_3098And who doesn't love a pineapple, or 4? 

Have a fantastic Day!

We are looking at a high in the 30's here in VT.. WA HOO!