Sunday Happy

IMG_0964What a week. Was it summer where you  are this week as well? I mean jeez, talk about one extreme to another. Oh well, at least the world has turned green, the winter stuff is completely out of sight and I found the box that contained all of my shorts and summery clothes (pants and long sleeves in 90 degrees is just gross)  And honestly, it's been great. In between work, chores and just plan old being busy, we have manage to get a few bike rides and long walks in. Plus all the veggie starts are doing great, the flowers are coming up everywhere and life just has a little bit more of a relaxed feeling. So what if my allergies are turning my face into big red puff or that the past few night have been so hot that the act of sitting has caused me to break a sweat. I'll take it.

Oh and I can't forget…. 

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!!

Here I give you a few thing from the internet this week ...

- I didn't believe they were paintings at first. Hyper-realistic Cactus Paintings that Bristle with Detail by Kwang-Ho Lee

-I'll take any one of these The 5 Fanciest French Press Coffeemakers We Could Find

-Love love the floors in This house.

-Spending a bit of time making summer camping plans here...Vermont State Parks. I can't wait to get the tent out!

 -I think this should be happening everywhere. Recycled Drinking Water: Getting Past the Yuck Factor

- And there is thisABC Brings Muppets Back To Prime Time As News Emerges About Fall Shows

And that, here are a few pictures from the week.

IMG_0944 My boys. I long socks and sneakers… these guys know cool. IMG_0951Took the super cutie cuties out for an ice cream cone.IMG_8217Our first bike ride picnic down on the waterfront. I love bike ride picnics!IMG_8240-1So many succulents. I didn't actually buy any because I need to stop being a plant whore.IMG_0614I have made a batch of this stuff evey day this week. I can't stop eating it, it's like eating summer. So good

Have a wonderful day and to all that it applies to...

Happy Moms Day!