Sunday bits


Hey there party people…It's Sunday! Hopefully you all have some good plans for the day. Me, well I  have a peanut butter and jelly lunch date at the park with some littles, a butt load of plants to stick into the ground, and hopefully drinking much to much coffee while basking in the glow of the very lovely world. (which has been on point all week with warm weather, sunny days, splashed with the perfect  moments of rain) Everything is so green and lush and freshy, it's hard to not to be full of happy and the feeling that anything is possible. It's fantastical! Oh, and I got to give a shout out to my big sister for graduating from nursing school this week…Whoa HOO!!!!! (Does she realize she is from a family of hypochondriacs?  Texting nurse Shannon…...she is screwed.)

Summer here we come...It's GO TIME!

Internet links from the week…...

-Going to be making myself one of these this weekRail Road Totes.

-I could see doing somethinglike thiswith my family… If I didn't kill them first.

-Interesting….What If Americans Ate Like South Africans And Vice Versa? 

-I have felt like popping a few balls in my time.The Good Listener: Can I Deflate The Beach Balls At Concerts?

-My next project/living arrangement? (Hey, if we can live in a tiny room now, we can live in a tiny room on wheels)… The Vintage Nugget

-I can' t believe this show was canceled, but thank the tv gods for Hulu....Hulu Saves The Mindy Project

-I am into all of these interiors atFrenchyfancy…..I wish I knew how to read french and wish I was that fancy.

A few pictures from the week….


The prettiest tree. LILACS!!!!!My yard these days..A wheel barrel full of strawberry plants. Pretty in purple


The mister and I  harvested a frame of honey…So pretty

Have a great today!