Mountain Pillow

IMG_6343 Soft huggable mountains…..happy all over!

It started last month when I decided to make cool shaped pillows for all the little littles in family. (they all got fruit or veggies shapes…so cool. I wish I took some pictures)  I needed to make a bunch so I went a bought this humongo box of stuffing  thinking that I would end up using most of it and maybe have a little left over to make myself a pill or two. Oh man was I wrong. Those hug boxes could stuff a hundred pillows…the stuffers of stuffing really stuff those boxes stuffed!  Now I had this giant box of stuffing and a bunch of extra fabric so I just figured that I'd make everyone in my family a pillow.  I didn't want to make the any more food shapes but still wanted to do something fun and pretty and huggable. …and then it came to me,  A mountain! I mean, who wouldn't want to hug  a mountain? 

So I made all the adults in my family a mountain for Christmas. (I am so nice).  A couple of weeks went by, I had a little extra time and thought, "I should make a mountain pillow for me!"And if you are anything like me (super awesome), one mountain is just not enough and  you will make an entire mountain range of pillows…… Mountains all over!  

This pillow is so easy, no fuss, and can be made any size you like. I made mine on the smaller side, but if you have the fabric and the stuffing, why not go big? Do what feels right to you. 

And I have to add, these pillows are really great gifts… I am thinking maybe a lovely Valentines day mountain? Doesn't that sound fantastic?

What you will need:

  • Sewing machine.(you can hand sew but machine is much much faster)
  • Two pieces(or one piece folded in half) of fleece* for the mountain
  • One small piece of fleece in another color for the mountain top
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Stuffing

Note: You can use other fabrics, but fleece is more forgiving because it had a little stretch, plus it soft and cuddly.

IMG_6294To start, take you main color of fleece and cut into a mountainy triangle shape. You can go tall and skinny or short and fat….. any shape you want.  If you feel like you need to make a paper template and use that to cut, go for it, but I don't think you really need to.


 Next, take the contrasting color fleece (the peak) and cut a large square.  Line up with the top of the mountain peak underneath.

IMG_6301Cut the piece for the peak in a jagged  up and down pattern. Place right side up onto the base  of the mountain and trim away excess fabric.

IMG_6312Using the zig zag stitch on your machine, sew the jagged edges of the mountain peak right side up onto the right side of the mountain. Go slowly, but don't worry about making  it perfect, just make sure to sew over all the jagged edges. 

IMG_6324Now turn the two pieces right sides facing in on each other. Change the stitch on you machine to a straight stitch and sew around the perimeter of the mountain, leaving a small hole in the bottom.

And make sure to check your seams!

IMG_6326Fold it right side out and stuff it. I started with little bits of the stuffing in each of the corners, then filled in the middle, it makes it easier to fill.

Once you are happy with your stuff job, thread a needle and hand sews the hole shut.IMG_6368

 A  soft, huggable, and oh so grand mountain. 

I know, so fantastic…one is just not enough. And if you have gone to the trouble of pulling out the sewing machine, you might as well make a bunch. Just do it!

Have fun making a mountain range!