bits of happy

What a week. It was my birthday, which if you know me, is not usually something I like to talk about. I'm not sure exactly why, but I am not really big on celebrating my own birthday. Or its more like I hide away from everyone around my birthday.  ( I am not good with attention) But this year I tried. I had a couple little dinners with family, went on a few good hikes, gave the dog a bath (had to mention it because it was so needed and I was so happy to have a cleaner, less smelly dog..which lasted all of about 12 hours)  and tried to relax and enjoy myself. The mister and I also did a bunch of little house repair projects that have been needed to be done (Birthday wish list). All and all, I had a good week. And now the birthday week is over and we can get back to normal, not bugging me, hectic, crazy, life. That makes me happy. Here are a few of my happy bits from the big week.

IMG_7285 A birthday bouquet of veggies. My lover knows me oh so well.


I went to get myself a new skien if yarn and stumbled upon this wall display of sprinkles.. It took a lot to not buy a bunch.

IMG_7267 Every year I buy myself some special food for my birthday week. This is the bulk section at the local coop. They got in a bunch of new local dried beans!!!!  Local birthday week beans. ( yes, beans make me happy)

IMG_7291This hike was pretty treacherous, the whole trail was covered in this ice…. but look how cool it is. 

IMG_6368Huggable mountains


Birthday hike with big trees and a happy dog. 

IMG_7300 Split peas with tons of purple cabbage and purple onions plus chunks or bright orange carrots.. So freaking pretty and so freaking tasty!

IMG_2073-1And last but not least..a throw back that made me smile…Moving day last summer. Our truck full of my house plants. I love my plants. 

So now we go onto the last week of January! (holy crap, where has the time go?)

Have a great week!