Bits of Happy

 I spent a lot of time indoors this week, due to the fact that my eyelids would freeze shut when going out for more than a few minute..(for real, walking to the gym the other day, I had my head tightly wrapped and the condensation from my breath went up, into my eyes, and froze.)  I mean, I love winter, I love the cold, but I am not a huge fan of -30 with wind chill… I get cold bones.  After that morning, the mister insisted on diving me…Love. So we (me, Nick, and especially Washer) might have felt a little trapped this week, and when trapped inside, we get a little antsy, but we have been trying to make the most of it. Cooking, baking, cleaning, drawing, reading, knitting, drinking lots of coffee and tea, and overall trying to stay warm (and sane) Yup. trying to ward of the cabin fever, especially this year, living in a little tiny bit of a room with one window..has been a little difficult. And I know it's going to be a bitch when it hits. But it's all cool, We have plans in the making, places to look forward to, things to see. It always helps to have an adventure awaiting to keep the fever at bay.

Anyway, not a bad week, maybe a little stuffy, but nothing to complain to much about. Here are a few of highlights that made(make) me happy.

IMG_6387The kitchen, living room, dinning room, office…all over great room., covered in piles of clothes. Sometimes listening to music and folding laundry can be so, I don't know, peaceful. I just felt happy at this moment. (might be the fact that I know have some clean clothes and dish cloths)


The trash dog and I went for a lovely little hike by ourselves…It was so nice to get out of the house. We both really really really needed it that day. And look how handsome he looks.. so red against the world. 

IMG_6865 Standing in line at the grocery store, saw this magazine and started to laugh. I love Oprah...but now…I really love Oprah. Best magazine cover ever!

IMG_6956Another picture of the pup. Letting his rino toy have the bed. A little pathetic…A lot cute

IMG_5755  I am doing little recipe testing and this situation in this pot is so freaking good! Just trying to work out a  few technical kinks. 


I love to look up… don't forget to look up.


I made a large quantity of banana dream (what I call banana ice cream). This stuff is like crack.. Once I start eating it, I can't stop. I might overdose on bananas but I am ok with that. 


I went to a granite and marble showroom this week. And like whoa, so freaking cool. Walking among huge pieces  of gorgeous slabs of stone is kind of magical… and a little cold.


A basket of roots….More like a basket of rainbows. 


I currently don't have a pretty vase of zinnias on my table, (these beauts are from this past summer) but I really wish I did. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite  things. This picture has inspired me, I am on the hunt for some pretty fresh. 

That sums up the week...Stay warm!