Banana Naner Ice Cream and Cookies and Cream Naner Ice Cream

 IMG_0424    IMG_1919 I figured now is a good time to get this recipe out there before we get to far into spring and summer recipes because there is going to be a lot of banana ice cream filled recipe coming and I figured its a good idea to have the basic banana ice cream recipe ready for people to refer too.  And because I made so much fantastic naner ice cream, I also made a cookies and cream naner ice cream for my sisters and the mister.

Comments that I got from my sisters and the mister when I made them this ice cream

-Sister one."I give this my sister seal of approval.. It's so good.  The first dessert you have made that I liked! (not including all the other desserts that you have made that I liked)"

-Sister two- "Wow.. it looks like ice cream and feels like ice cream and tastes like ice cream.. You should make me this ice cream!" (I was confused too because I was pretty sure I just made her some)

-The mister- "I am so excited for my new fly fishing pole!"

Ok, so the naner ice cream isn't new to the mister and he IS very much excited for his new fly fish pole. So excited that he forgot to tell me how amazing that I am and to thank me for making him a big bowl of yumminess. (It's ok, I forgive him)

And yes, this is probably one of the easiest, most delicious, healthy and amazing frozen dessert that you will ever eat. You will probably find yourself buying mass amounts of bananas and stocking the freezer until things just start falling out. (which is also ok because it's only bananas and you can't have too many frozen bananas)

IMG_2043   IMG_2049The stuff you need for this ice cream…. Nice and ripe bananas, peeled and then frozen* That's it.

To make it, place frozen bananas into food processor and hit the on button. Process the crap out of the namers until nice and silky smooth. 

*Note, the smaller the frozen chunks are , the faster and maybe a little easier for the blender to blend the naners into ice cream. So if you think of it, chop bananas into pieces before freezing or even after.

IMG_2054After all blended and smooth, either eat right away or scoop ice cream into a freezer safe container and stick in freezer. That's the banana ice cream…  And it is amazing and so so so so so addictive. I make a batch, think I am only going to eat a scoop, then find myself eating half of what I have made, but it's ok cause it's only bananas. 

Now for the cookies and cream banana ice cream..IMG_0428One batch of banana ice cream, either freshly made, still in food processor or made ahead and placed in a food processor and given a good pulse to smooth it up.

Add cookies in, crushing a bit beforehand and pulse till combined. IMG_0434Now you have cookies and cream naner ice cream…. and everybody is happy.

Scoop into a cup, a bowl, a freezer safe container, or directly into your mouth. Be careful…. You can still get brain freeze from eating naner ice cream too fast!

Keep it real hump day drum bum!


Basic Banana Ice Cream

Makes one batch. Good for 3-4 servings

  • 4-5  ripe bananas peeled and frozen

Peel  bananas and stick in a freezer bag or container and freeze. When bananas are completely frozen, break into pieces and stick into a food processor or blender and puree until silky smooth. 

Eat right away or scoop into a freezer safe container for later.

Cookies and Cream Banana Ice Cream

  • 1 batch banana ice cream
  • 5-10 (depending on your cookie need) cream filled cookies like oreos or Trader Joe's Joe Joe's (These are gluten free)

In a food processor, blend banana ice cream with cookies.

Eat right away, with a utensil of choice in a container of choice.

Bowl licking is acceptable. 

Bits of Happy

 I spent a lot of time indoors this week, due to the fact that my eyelids would freeze shut when going out for more than a few minute..(for real, walking to the gym the other day, I had my head tightly wrapped and the condensation from my breath went up, into my eyes, and froze.)  I mean, I love winter, I love the cold, but I am not a huge fan of -30 with wind chill… I get cold bones.  After that morning, the mister insisted on diving me…Love. So we (me, Nick, and especially Washer) might have felt a little trapped this week, and when trapped inside, we get a little antsy, but we have been trying to make the most of it. Cooking, baking, cleaning, drawing, reading, knitting, drinking lots of coffee and tea, and overall trying to stay warm (and sane) Yup. trying to ward of the cabin fever, especially this year, living in a little tiny bit of a room with one window..has been a little difficult. And I know it's going to be a bitch when it hits. But it's all cool, We have plans in the making, places to look forward to, things to see. It always helps to have an adventure awaiting to keep the fever at bay.

Anyway, not a bad week, maybe a little stuffy, but nothing to complain to much about. Here are a few of highlights that made(make) me happy.

IMG_6387The kitchen, living room, dinning room, office…all over great room., covered in piles of clothes. Sometimes listening to music and folding laundry can be so, I don't know, peaceful. I just felt happy at this moment. (might be the fact that I know have some clean clothes and dish cloths)


The trash dog and I went for a lovely little hike by ourselves…It was so nice to get out of the house. We both really really really needed it that day. And look how handsome he looks.. so red against the world. 

IMG_6865 Standing in line at the grocery store, saw this magazine and started to laugh. I love Oprah...but now…I really love Oprah. Best magazine cover ever!

IMG_6956Another picture of the pup. Letting his rino toy have the bed. A little pathetic…A lot cute

IMG_5755  I am doing little recipe testing and this situation in this pot is so freaking good! Just trying to work out a  few technical kinks. 


I love to look up… don't forget to look up.


I made a large quantity of banana dream (what I call banana ice cream). This stuff is like crack.. Once I start eating it, I can't stop. I might overdose on bananas but I am ok with that. 


I went to a granite and marble showroom this week. And like whoa, so freaking cool. Walking among huge pieces  of gorgeous slabs of stone is kind of magical… and a little cold.


A basket of roots….More like a basket of rainbows. 


I currently don't have a pretty vase of zinnias on my table, (these beauts are from this past summer) but I really wish I did. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite  things. This picture has inspired me, I am on the hunt for some pretty fresh. 

That sums up the week...Stay warm!